Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy V-day!

All you need is love, right?!!  I’m in good shape, then, because I LOVE these cuties!





And I LOVE when they won’t cooperate for pictures…


…because then I can start talking about farts and how they smell, and all that stuff that kids like, and I get pictures like this!


{Better, but I think my technique needs some work!  At least they’re all looking at me and “smiling”}

Em was so excited to dress up for Valentine’s Tea at school.  Josh was not so thrilled.  But they both had a good time and came home with lots of Valentines (which means CANDY) from school.

We had our own little party for FHE.  We had a yummy dinner of parmesan chicken, roasted RED potatoes, asparagus, pomegranate Sprite, and these babies…


…pink rolls!!  I have to admit, they reminded me so much of playdough when I was mixing them up that I was a little surprised when they actually tasted like yummy home-made rolls!!  And as I got looking at them, I decided that they remind me of pig snouts!  Very delicious pig snouts!

After we had our little FHE lesson, we played Valentine’s Yahtzee and Valentine’s Bingo.

Oh, and one of the best parts of the day came first thing in the morning, when we had another ultrasound and got to see cutie #5 again!  He wasn’t in the mood to cooperate though (what is it with our kids?!?!) so we didn’t really get to see his face…boo!  But it was good to see that he is still growing and everything looks as expected.

Happy love day everyone!

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