Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tender Mercy

We had a family Christmas party last night, and we weren’t really sure if we would go.  Since Jared was gone most of the week, he really wanted to stay home and get some things done.  But I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to cook dinner.  He let me make the final decision, so I decided that we’d go.

Because of that, I had to run to Macey’s and grab the items we were supposed to bring.  While there, I ran into a lady from our ward.  During our conversation, she mentioned that she just had to figure out what she was going to do for Primary.  And then it hit me…I was supposed to be teaching the Young Women lesson the next day!

I am so thankful we (I) decided to go to the party.  If we hadn’t gone, I would not have run into this woman, we wouldn’t have had our conversation, and I would have completely forgotten about teaching the lesson!  I can only imagine the horror of showing up and realizing that I had completely dropped the ball.  I am so thankful for this tender mercy, even if all it did was save me from being utterly embarrassed!

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