Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mom says...

I was playing around with Rachel the other day - she was being me, and I was being her. I asked her about some things that Mommy says. Did I really want to hear the answer? Not so sure! But, I got some rather insightful things out of her.

Here are the first few things she said - things that Mom says:
"Be obedient!" (Really, the only thing I want out of my kids)
"Knock it off!" (What else is there to say when they're all fighting?!?!)
"Sweetheart." (I'm glad that was one of them. I love that she knows she's my sweetheart!)
"I love you."
(I'm also very glad she hears this one, as I say it plenty of times in a day and wonder if anyone ever hears it!)

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