Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gas Attack!

No – I’m not speaking of the odor that comes from a human body after eating such foods as cabbage, beans, etc!  How embarrassing!!

I’m referring to what happened in our kitchen and living room after Caleb microwaved a hot pepper!  A thick gas enveloped the area, causing anyone who entered the premises to begin coughing and feeling a terrible burning sensation in their throat and lungs!  Seriously, it was bad!  Jared took immediate evasive action – pulling out the fan, turning on the ceiling fan, and turning on the fan above the stove – and we all vacated the premises, finding refuge in the basement.  The fans worked, and after a time, the air cleared out and things returned to normal.

There is one question remaining to be answered: Why, with all the big red tomatoes, bright yellow squash, and green tomatillos on the counter, did he choose the PEPPER???

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