Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

I have to get this off my chest - please don't hate me for it!

I really dislike Sundays. Really.

But it really has nothing to do with the Sabbath part of things. It's just that it seems like everything that can go wrong does go wrong! Every problem, emotion, and mess is magnified by what seems like 1000%!

Jared told me he loves Sundays, and I almost punched him! Of course it has nothing to do with the fact that he's more of a spectator to all of our "bliss" than he is a participator. {I'm typing this with the nicest of feelings, honestly! I love him to death and am so thankful is he worthy to get to go to so many meetings and watch us with a smile on his face from the stand! And when he's home, he really does do more than his fair share.}

I've been told {by someone who loves me very much, and is wise beyond his years} that I should record some of these moments, so that I won't forget about them {though I'd like to!} and can go back and laugh at them one day {can't wait for that day}. So, here goes...and feel free to laugh along!

Yesterday, the beginning of all our bliss: as we're ready to walk out the door to church, Emily decides that she's going to throw a fit {read: the biggest meltdown you've ever seen} because I, the cruel mother that I am, reminded her that she needed to put tights on! She went off screaming about how she hates to wear those shoes because they're too tight, and they fall off, and blah blah blah! I didn't recall telling her that she needed to wear a specific pair of shoes, so I told her to just wear her other shoes, to which she screamed that she couldn't find one of them! After 5 minutes of screaming and being frantic, she finally joined us in the van, wearing the shoes that are too tight, that fall off, blah blah blah. I asked her what her plan was before she was re-told that she needed tights. She didn't really have one! She went to church red-faced, teary-eyed and quite huffy! But thankfully she calmed down.

During Sacrament meeting - the continuation of our bliss: I had to take Caleb out to the foyer because he was being a stinker {read: nothing in the entire chapel would have satisfied him, because he's missing out on his nap}. Thankfully, I have a friend and her husband who sit on the bench with us, and they are LITERALLY my lifesavers. I would be in the foyer all the time without them! When I came back in, I couldn't see Rachel anywhere. As I sat down, I saw that she was laying under the bench in front of us, having herself a little Cheerio party. That, in and of itself, was not a problem. Caleb again wasn't satisfied with anything, so I put him on the floor. He headed to Rachel and joined in on the party. Within a matter of 10 seconds, the entire Cheerio container was emptied onto the floor {including all the powder at the bottom} and the Cheerios were scattered all over the place! I quickly got Caleb off the floor and told Josh to get down there and help Rachel pick up the Cheerios. I focused my attention on Caleb, to get him quiet, and then checked on the Cheerio party. I guess Josh was hungry, because instead of cleaning up, he was eating the Cheerios! Emily either wanted to be helpful or wanted in on the party, because she got down on the floor with them also! Who knew Sacrament meeting could be so much fun?!?! They managed to take care of every single Cheerio, and only the powder on the floor was left as evidence of their little party!

20 minutes before church ends, another moment of bliss {although this one I can, and did, laugh at} - The nursery leader brought Caleb into primary because he was poopy. He instantly screamed "Mommy" in his happiest voice when he saw me. Ok, so maybe it hasn't been such a cruddy day after all! I changed him, and decided to just keep him with me, since there were just a few minutes of church left. I stood up in the back, near a lady who teaches the oldest class of girls in primary. She and her husband are training a dog to be a seeing-eye dog, so the dog was laying on the floor at her feet, sleeping away. Caleb saw the dog and instantly went into his I'm-a-little-unsure-of-this-situation mode: he forces a really loud, high pitched laugh, all the while clinging to me as hard as he can! This made all the kids laugh, which made him laugh some more...can you see where this is going?!? He just kept on laughing, pointing, and woof-woofing until the closing prayer was said. I was sort of embarrassed, but mostly enjoying myself, because he was getting such a great reaction from everyone - adults included! How can you not love that?

As I read back through this, I'm wondering what the big deal was! The total time of absolute mania couldn't have been more than, say, an hour! I'll save the details of the rest of the afternoon/evening for another time. I'm sure you're laughing too hard to read any further, and I wouldn't want you to miss a thing!


  1. Hi Heather -
    Nice summary of what sounds like a "tedious" day! Oh, how I wish I could have been part of the Cheerios Party! I sure miss those days . . . kids crawling around on the floor during church . . . days always to be treasured 'cuz pretty soon they don't do that anymore and you just have to sit there and listen - no excuses! And then there's no one to sit by you . . . And you made Emily wear tights?!? Pretty mean, I'd say!

    You are a great mom and a pretty darn good historian, too! It will be fun to read this later and laugh.

    Love ya,

  2. oh, and guess what we have tights wars at our house too! It's winter for crying out loud, why must we have bare legs?

  3. Heather, Just so you know Sunday's and church are pretty rough for me too, and my husband doesn't even sit on the stand!! My Jared does not like Primary, he will go to class just fine, but Sharing TIme, he just CAN'T do it. I wonder if its because I am in there too, and he thinks he can get away with it. At any rate, it is always such a relief to be heading home again!