Thursday, January 21, 2010

Caleb's Adventures

Anyone who knows Caleb knows what a B.U.S.Y. boy he is. He really never stops until he falls asleep, and he only knows two speeds: fast and faster!! He also doesn't have the best balance and we're constantly picking him up after bouncing off walls, tripping over his own feet, and falling off chairs.

Case in point: while playing at his favorite drawer in the kitchen, gravity got the best of him and he managed to fall onto the corner of the open drawer. This is what he looked like as we headed out the door for stitches.
Thankfully by this point the bleeding had mostly stopped. But the doc thought a couple stitches would help the resulting scar to be a little less conspicuous. Jared said he tied a ton of knots in the stitches. Caleb was a real trooper!

This is what he looked like when we got home. Can you see what's wrong?
That's right - there are no stitches in that lip!!! He managed to get them out some time during the 15 minutes it took us to get home!!
By this time, the doctor's office was closed. So we had to call the on-call service. It happened that the same doc was on call and still at the office, so he told us to come back.
This time he used glue. And it worked!
For about 12 hours!
By the next morning, Caleb had pulled off the glue and made the cut start bleeding again!

So now his lip just gets to heal however it wants, and someday he'll be able to tell his kids about the scar!

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  1. He is one determined little boy, to not only pull out stitches but get the glue off as well!! Wow! The kid definitely has skills! :) Hope it doesn't scar too badly.

    Do you remember when Hailey cut her lip open in CA? She got stitches of course. You can't even tell that there is a scar unless you are really looking for it.