Thursday, November 19, 2009

I gave Caleb his first haircut a couple of weeks ago. At some point in our years of haircuts, we discovered that suckers work best to keep them on the seat and not-so-wiggly. So Caleb got to enjoy a purple sucker while I snipped away! It went pretty quick and turned out looking rather nice! But, I only have pictures of during the cut - I didn't think to get one when he was all done and cleaned up. Oh well - here he is! His hair was a lot longer than I even realized!

There are some people who wonder what moms do all day long. Here is my response to that:

{Caleb and Rachel snuck into the candy corn while I was trying to use the bathroom (the nerve of me, I know)! Rachel was a real lady, only eating one at a time. But Caleb was afraid she'd get them all, so he had about 10 in his mouth and several in each hand!! Don't you love all the orange drool?!?!}

I clean up messes ALMOST as fast as my kids make them!! I'm sure all you parents can relate!

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