Friday, June 5, 2009

Potty Training

I swore to myself that I wouldn't even try potty training Rachel until she was a little older. I started too early with Emily, and it was NOT a pleasant experience. We waited a while with Josh and it was pretty much a piece of cake.

Well, I went back on my promise and started potty training Rachel. She has shown quite a bit of interest, and we've been having some "defective" diapers that somehow have ended up around her knee on several occasions! We started just "trying it out" last week, and she did OK - but we weren't real serious about it since we had so many places we needed to be. So this week we hit it hard core. And she is doing really well!! The best was yesterday, though - we had a successful #2 in the potty, completely initiated by her!! It only took one accident for that one to stick!

To spare her the embarassment of a potty picture that could haunt her as a teenager, here is a picture of one of the sweetest girls I know! (She's trying to sit on one of Caleb's toys)

1 comment:

  1. Yes - I would have to agree. Rachel is one of the sweetest girls I know! There is just something about her that is so tender and innocent!

    Strong work, Rachel - and Heather (since potty "training" is really about training the mother!)

    Love ya,
    Grandma Laurie