Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day seems to have some unwritten requirement for unexpected excitement.

Last Mother's Day, I spent the day timing contractions and ended up spending the night in the hospital to get them stopped. I was 34 weeks along in my pregnancy. That was the beginning of several weeks of "bedrest" (as if!!!) and 2 more trips to the hospital before Caleb was born (thankfully he waited until 38 weeks).

This year, the excitement continued, only it wasn't pregnancy related (thank goodness!!!). Josh informed us on Saturday night (after all the doctor's offices were closed) that he was sick. After a run-down of symptoms, I was pretty sure he had strep....AGAIN (he just had it back in April). I did what I could - dose of Tylenol, hugs, kisses, reassurance - and sent him to bed.

When Jared got home from church at 1 p.m. it was off to InstaCare. Where we waited...and waited...and waited some more.

More than two hours later we walked out of there with a prescription for antibiotics,
and thankful to be somewhere other than there!

What do I want for Mother's Day next year??


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