Saturday, March 28, 2009

What I Want To Do In The Next 15 Years

  • Help my kids learn to love service
  • See Rachel and Caleb get baptized
  • See Josh and Caleb receive the priesthood
  • Get Emily and Josh graduated from High School
  • Attend the temple with my kids
  • See Josh go on a mission, and Emily too if she'd like
  • Learn how to take really good photos
  • Find a cure for Crohn's disease (seriously!)
  • Be a calm, sane, and understanding mother to teenagers (yikes!)
  • Crawl out of my shell a little more
  • Overcome my fear of flying
  • Make a quilt for the wall above my stairs
  • Learn how to relax and have fun
  • Help Emily and Josh decide which college to go to, what classes to take, where they'll live...
  • Be a better wife
  • Be a better friend
  • Catch up (and then stay caught up) on scrapbooking

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