Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Whole Enchilada!

I saw these questions on someone else's blog recently and thought it would be fun to see what my kids (well, the ones who can speak in sentences!) had to say. Here goes - these are all direct quotes!

What is something Mom always says to you?
E - Go clean your room up
J - No

What makes Mom happy?
E - Seeing me happy
J - Being good (not sure if he meant me being good or him, but both work!)

What makes Mom sad?
E - Seeing me throw a tantrum
J - Being mean

How does Mom make you laugh?
E - Tickling me
J - Being funny

What was Mom like as a child?
E - You never went on time out and you were good all the time
J - I don't know!

How old is Mom?
E - 32
J - Let's see...32!

How tall is Mom?
E - I don't know...5 feet?
J - I don't know. Do you know how tall you are?

What is Mom's favorite thing to do?
E - Sleep or rest
J - Play with ME!

What does Mom do when you're not around?
E - Play with Rachel
J - Be on the computer doing stuff

If Mom became famous what would it be?
E - Someone who's famous at reading
J - You would sing (now that's scary!)

What is Mom not very good at?
E - Shooting baskets with diapers into the garbage can
J - Swimming

What does Mom do for her job?
E - Make dinner
J - Making your bed

What is Mom's favorite food?
E - Indian food
J - Pasta
(both right, but pasta just inches out Indian)

What makes you proud of Mom?
E - When you don't give me too much jobs
J - When you make my bed

If Mom was a cartoon character who would she be?
E - Maya and Miguel's mom - you kind of look like her
J - A strawberry and I would be Arthur and eat you!

What do you and Mom do together?
E - Play games
J - Play Chutes and Ladders

How are you and Mom the same?
E - We both do that trick with our feet (a wierd toe thing)
J - We have ears, eyes, mouths, etc... (He went on naming every body part he could think of!)

How are you and Mom different?
E - You're taller, have green eyes, and brown hair
J - You're a girl

How do you know Mom loves you?
E - You take care of me
J - Play games with me

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