Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Fun

I have recently discovered the fun and depth of digital scrapbooking. Let me just say - It's awesome! I don't need an entire area to keep my stuff, don't have to spend as much time getting things out and putting things away as I do working, and so far I haven't spent a dime, with the exception of my software, Photoshop Elements. There are so many talented and generous designers who post their papers, embellishments, etc... ALL FOR FREE!! I am soooo HOOKED!

I've been hard at work lately, and thought I'd share a few of my favorites. They're just too much fun to keep to myself!

Here's Emily all summed up!

caption: "This picture tells it all - you just love
to read. You read on the couch, in the car, on
the stairs, in bed and even in a laundry basket!
Where will we find you next??"

This is the best part of Josh, so sweet!

Rachel has discovered her devious side!

caption: "You are intensely fascinated with the plants
I keep on the table. I have such a hard time keeping
you out of them! You always make such a mess, and
sometimes you even have a taste! I managed to catch
you in the act one day and couldn't resist taking a few
pictures. What a face! You are really good at getting
that look of mischief!"

And Caleb is just adorable!

I wish I had more time to spend on this project, because I am YEARS behind. I vow to get caught up before Rachel starts kindergarten. Yes, it's that bad!!

Send me a message if you would like page credits!


  1. Very cute pictures! Your family has grown (doubled) since your California days! What program do you use for your digital scrapbooking stuff? Sounds like things are going well!

  2. I obviously need a tutorial, because every time I try to do digi scrapbooking I can't get it to work! Your pages are great!

  3. OK Heather you are going to have to teach me. These pages are darling. I have heard you can print 12x12 pages at sams club.