Thursday, March 12, 2015

Happy Things

I’ve finally faced the facts: I’m never going to get caught up!  I want to keep going on this blog because it is a great record (when I actually get to it) of our family happenings.  So, I’m just going to do my best.  I’ll be happy when I can post and let go of my agenda to stay caught up with too many things.

Here are 10 happy things:

Josh finally made it back to school after missing 3 weeks in a row!  What started with a bad virus – likely a strain of influenza not covered on this year’s shot – turned into really bad pneumonia that took much longer than anticipated to recover from.  After three different antibiotics, steroids, breathing treatments, xrays, blood work and lots of cough medicine, Tylenol and Ibuprofen, we are so happy to finally report that heeee’s baaaaack!

We have completed 2 of 12 family adventures this year.  This was the main Christmas gift for our kids.  We decided to do a monthly (mandatory for everyone) adventure in an effort to create lasting memories and avoid more junk that no one plays with or even cares about.  In January we went to the Hill Air Force Base museum, with stops at Guitar Center and a piano store just for kicks, and dinner at 5 Guys.  Caleb said it was the best day of his life!  In February we had a family movie night – Ice Age 4.  We had a great dinner of mammoth cakes, sloth-berry syrup, sabertooth sausages and scrambled dinosaur eggs.  Don’t forget dessert: snowball cookies, Scrat acorns and popcorn!  Ice Age definitely made Daniel’s day!


Emily is almost done with her first season of Winterguard (indoor colorguard during the winter)!  What an experience this has been.  She has loved it, and does really well.  (Mom, on the other hand, is exhausted from driving to the high school {nearly} every day at 5:30 a.m., early morning Saturday hair curling, and late-night Saturday pick ups from the high school!!)  It was fun to get to see her first performance, and we are looking forward to seeing her last performance as well.  Shhhh!  Don’t tell!

We have been enjoying the nice weather when it is here, and we’re thankful for the moisture when it comes.  We can’t wait to set up our trampoline!!

Caleb lost his first tooth!


Daniel has a few new words, among them “No!” and “Back!” said while holding up his first finger, which of course means, “Be right back!”

I have managed to find time to get a few crafts done.  Having Josh home for so long made that a lot easier.

Jared got a Saturday off work last week!  Of course we had to take advantage.  So we all (minus Emily who was at her colorguard competition) went to Preston to find Napoleon Dynamite’s house.  We were successful (thanks to good ol’ Mr. Google)!!  We also found his school, ate at Big J’s, and stopped at a nut factory.  As we left Big J’s, Caleb noticed a teenager with curly hair and exclaimed, “IS THAT NAPOLEON DYNAMITE???”  GOSH, this kid cracks us up!


I get to have a non-surgical procedure done to attempt to stretch open the stricture in my small intestine!!  The best news is that my meds are doing their job of controlling inflammation.

And last, but certainly not least, taxes are due in less than a month!!!

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  1. Great Post. I can't believe Josh was that sick. That's horrible. I love your family outings! What a great idea and how fun! I am so glad you posted a movie of Emily!! And aren't we all grateful for good medicine!!