Monday, June 2, 2014

Memorial Day 2014


We had a really fun Memorial Day this year.  The kids spent the morning working on a project with Jared.  He recently learned how to play a game called Kubb.  It is played with large wooden pieces.  He liked it so much that he spent time over the last couple of weeks cutting and sanding pieces for our own set.  Then he let each of the kids paint one of the men.  They thought it was the coolest thing in the world!


I spent the morning cleaning the outside windows and screens.  Not fun at all, and very very hot.  But it’s so nice to be able to see what’s outside!!

My mom and Blake came up about the time we all finished our projects.  We ate lunch on the patio and then headed to the park for some more fun.  Emily and Blake spent some time playing catch, and then hitting balls.  I eventually joined in, then Jared and Josh came as well.  We all got more than our fair share of running after balls.

Jared and Josh playing Kubb.



For some reason, Caleb wanted to be all wrapped up in the blanket…in the 80+ degree heat!!  Crazy kid!



I think he might die from having his mom give him a squeeze.



Amazed by the awesome softball-playing and Kubb-playing skills he’s witnessing.



We love Grandma, yes we do!



We love Blake too!



So happy together…



Rachel loves to snuggle in for pictures.



Me and my mom.  I hear there’s a bit of a resemblance.



Rachel’s attempts at taking a selfie with the gigantic Nikon DSLR camera.  Kinda tricky with such a big piece of equipment to work with!  (I’m sure you’d agree that those are some incredible shots up her nose, though!)



These two can be best buddies when they want to.



The whole fam.  I might be biased, but I think we’re pretty great!


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  1. What a fun day! I am jealous of your clean windows - maybe you will motivate me to get mine done (for the first time in years!!!).