Monday, September 2, 2013

End of Summer Projects

Lots of little projects and tasks seem to have completely swallowed up the month of August, making us super ready to have the school year start and bring some “normalcy” back to life.

Swimming lessons: check.





Replacing the beloved Grand Cherokee that was totaled in a rear-ending as Jared came home from work: check.  We got a Dodge Ram to take its place.  It’s a big beast, but it’s nice to have a truck.




Disposing of a dead swallow on the front porch: check.  After seeing a flock of the crazy birds chasing each other around the pillars on our front porch, I’m pretty sure I know how the poor thing met its fate. 



Outfits for the triplets that were born to Jared’s sister and her husband: check.



Packing and sending Josh off on his first campout: check.  He loved it but came home with “at least 20 blisters.”  And it rained.  And they only had a tiny fire.  But it was still good.



An outfit for the baby born to my brother and his wife: check.



Getting everyone back to school: check.

Finding the schedule we lost somewhere during summer break: IN PROCESS!!!

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