Thursday, April 25, 2013

Glasses It Is!

Daniel saw the ophthalmologist in March, who told us that Daniel is very farsighted, but we will wait for glasses until next year.  Honestly, I was relieved we didn’t have to fight that battle yet.  (Selfish?  Yeah, I know.)  But the more I thought about it, the more it ate at me.  If the kid can’t see, why wait?!?  So after talking with the doc., we decided to go with glasses now.

Daniel’s nearly non-existent nose bridge made it hard to find a pair that fit him right.  So we decided to go with MiraFlex.  They’re made completely of plastic that is bendable.  There is a strap on the back the keeps them in place, so they actually stay where they’re supposed to.  And there are about 20 different color choices (yeah, not good for me).

I didn’t think Daniel could get any cuter.  Boy, was I wrong!






And so far, so good (mostly).  As long as he is busy and engaged, the glasses stay put.  I can tell a difference in what he’s doing, too.  He seems more balanced, he’s more accurate and, oddly enough, I swear he’s making more noise.  I’m so glad we didn’t wait a year and take the easy road!


  1. SERIOUSLY, cutest thing I think I have seen in about a year. (At least!)