Sunday, March 17, 2013


We are so lucky cursed!!  We can’t seem to get rid of those pesky Leprechauns – even in a new house!!!  They made their annual visit of mischief while we slept, and as usual, left a mess everywhere!

They peed in the toilet again.  Of course they forgot to flush!



They spilled the books out of the basket and left them scattered all over the place!  (It looks like they chose some of the best ones for reading, though.)



This was reeeeally weird.  They lined up all the shoes around the front door!  Were they trying to trap us?  Or just having fun playing with all the big shoes?

03-2013 SPD 2


They were obviously trying to find good stuff in the kitchen, as they left cupboard doors open and drawers pulled out.



And they tipped over chairs at the table.



This year they were extra nice and left us a “pot” of gold!!



I love this silly little tradition.  It gives me a giant smile to see the kids having fun with this, and to hear what they have to say about the mayhem.  My favorite this year was from Rachel (who has been counting down the days until “Leprechaun Day” all month): “How could such little people do such big people things???”

I got brave this year and tried corned beef and cabbage, along with red potatoes and carrots, in the crock pot for dinner.  (We also had lime jello with cottage cheese and mandarin oranges…an old favorite of everyone here.)  I was crossing my fingers that the corned beef wasn’t going to be a gigantic mistake.  It was absolutely delicious (aside from being more greasy/fatty than regular beef) and definitely a keeper.

And for dessert, we had Irish Mud Cups, of the non-minty variety.  Delicious, and very rich.  But also a keeper.



I don’t know about luck, but we sure are blessed!!  We hope you had a blessed day as well!

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