Monday, February 11, 2013

I Have a Problem

Yes, it’s confession time here on the ol’ blog.  I have a problem.  It’s not a HUGE problem, and it doesn’t happen very often.  But, it is a problem.

Big breath.

I leave stuff on the car and then drive away.

There.  I said it.  Now I can sleep at night.

It’s not big stuff.  I’ve never driven away with a child on my car – thankfully!  Nor have I ever driven away with a bag of groceries waiting to spill its contents at the first jolt.  No, it’s other stuff. 

Like the phone.  That one happened about five years ago.  I set the phone on the back bumper of our van while I was out working in the front yard.  Totally forgot about it.  Drove off somewhere later in the day, and still didn’t even remember it.  It wasn’t until that evening, when we were trying to find the phone, that it dawned on me.  Yeah.  I drove off with a phone on my bumper.  I thought surely it would have fallen off at the end of the driveway.  I retraced my path a time or two looking for it.  We never did find that phone.  (I have always wondered what someone would think if they were behind me in traffic and saw a phone sitting on my bumper!)

Most recently (Saturday night), it was the snow scraper.  I went out to get groceries around 8:30 p.m., only to find the Suburban covered in snow and two or three inches on the ground.  I got the scraper out to take care of the windows, which I did, and then decided to scrape the driveway.  So I set the scraper on the hood, thinking I would grab it when I hopped in the Suburban.  It wasn’t until I was several blocks from home that I remembered I had not grabbed the scraper on my way in.  It was on the hood, for pete’s sake!!  You would think I would have seen it!  And now, the scraper has gone the way of all the earth.  And I got an eye roll and the cutest smile from Jared when I disclosed what happened on the way to church yesterday.  His response: “You have a problem.”

Yes indeed.  I have a problem.

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