Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Best

Quote of the week: This one comes from Rachel, who ALWAYS has something to tell you (even if it’s a simple, “I love you.”).  We were having lunch and, out of nowhere, she said,

“If you eat, it’s a eatover.  If you play, it’s a playover.  If you sleep, it’s a sleepover.  If you get into the cupboard, you get in trouble!” 

Well said, don’t you think?!?!

Accomplishment of the week: Daniel had physical therapy this week for the first time since July!  The PT was so happy to see him again, and to see how much bigger he is.  She was thrilled with his progress and declared that he has achieved head control!  D-man has been working so hard on neck and core strength and is getting close to being able to sit all. by. himself.

(This picture has nothing to do with neck strength, core strength or sitting.  But it has everything to do with cuteness!  Oh, and he happens to be wearing his Sunday best!)



Creativity at its finest: Those are glasses made completely out of Legos!  Look out, Elton John!!  Josh is becoming a Lego Ace and continually amazes me with his creativity and ability to put his ideas to work.  (A smile, it seems, is just too much to ask.)



And last but not least…

I know this is a “Sunday Best” post…you know, reserved for the best of the best.  But I had to throw this in, because it was the biggest disappointment of my week.  The weather forecasters got it right, for once, and I’m not too happy about it!


(I realize I have nothing to complain about, especially after the beating that our friends on the East Coast got last week.  And it was only about 3 inches.  But still…I was disappointed!)

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  1. Love Rachel's comment. Daniel sure looks cute with his Sunday Best on. Sorry I don't feel much sympathy for you with that light coating of snow. But I promise I will feel sympathy for you when it keeps coming back and we don't have any. You guys always have really long winters up there in Logan!