Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Adventures of Caleb, part XVIIVXX (or something like that)

Life with Caleb is seriously one adventure after another, full of never-ending questions, physical perils, food  discoveries, and rigid routines. 

Here’s an example of a conversation with Caleb:

C: “Where’s Dad?”

M: “At work.”

C: “Why?”

M: “So he can make money to pay our bills.”

C: “Why?”

M: “So we have a place to live and food to eat.”

C: “Why?”

…you can see where this is going.  And I’m sure most/all of you reading this have been there, done that.  Caleb just takes it all to the extreme.

But he comes up with some really great statements too, such as, “Alright you guys!  What’s going on in there?”, “Turn that TV off right now or you’re grounded!”, and “Go to timeout right now – 1…2…3…”  Where in the world does he come up with these things?!?!

Food is always an adventure.  Caleb continues to wear more of it than what he consumes.  And it’s really a lot of fun to scoop your food into your cup of water to see how it changes!  Oh, and the ever popular, “I HATE (fill in the blank) for dinner!”  I LOVE to hear that one from him!

Have you ever tried new uses for food items (other than just eating them)?  Upon cleaning him up after dinner the other day, I discovered broccoli in his ears.  “Caleb – why is there broccoli in your ears?”  “For earplugs mom!”  Now why didn’t I think of that one?!?!

Caleb is not very friendly with gravity.  It’s always sneaking up on him and grabbing him when he least expects it.  Knocking on wood…I’m amazed he’s missed the corner as many times as he has!

What would life be without routines?  In a word…simple.  No chasing down red blankies, stuffed giraffes, batman car, or whatever the fixation is at the time.  But, he sleeps.  And I’m old, and tired, and to the point of giving him whatever he wants if he’ll just be happy and sleep!!  And he does, and as soon as there’s a hint of sunlight, he’s up and at it all over again.  With those big, bright eyes leading the way!

What would life be like without Caleb?  Incomplete, dull, and definitely less humorous!

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