Monday, February 8, 2010

Little Mermaid Addict

Rachel has completely given up naps (sniffle), so while Caleb is taking his nap, I have Rachel watch a movie. It gives her a chance for some down time, and me some time to take care of things I need to do.

Her favorite movie is Little Mermaid. She chooses it around 95% of the time. I'm getting a little tired of it, but it keeps her happy, so we watch it over and over and over...

This is what happens every time she watches it:

We get to the part where Ursula is inviting Ariel into her lair. She says, "Come in child! Don't lurk in doorways - it's rude! One might question your upbringing." Rachel ALWAYS responds with "Ariel's upbringing??" as if she knows exactly what Ursula is talking about and completely disagrees!

Then, there's the part where Scuttle (the seagull) is trying to figure out what's new with Ariel (she's just received her legs from Ursula). Rachel ALWAYS says, rather emphatically, "Scuttle's not in my book!!" She has a Disney Princess seek-and-find book, and it is quite upsetting to her that Scuttle isn't in the section with Ariel, Sebastian, and the other characters from Little Mermaid. How dare they not include him! The nerve of some people!

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