Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter 2009

We started the Easter festivities this year by having our Larsen Family Easter Party on Saturday. We were so lucky to get to see all the aunts, uncles (except Greg in Iraq), cousins, Grandma Larsen, and Great-Grandma and Grandpa Farnworth. Whew!! Lots of people!!

We colored eggs,

Ate lots of good food, visited, and had a fun egg hunt.

Rachel found the biggest egg of all!

Josh was so fast that I didn't even have time to get a picture of him!
But here we are all together, minus Jared. Tax season is quite the task master!

And here are all 12 grandkids!

Caleb loving his Grandma time! Don't you love the tongue?!?

Easter morning - everyone's happy...

...except Caleb!! Easter bunny woes!

Cutest kids ever!!
So proud of them for sitting still for pictures right after church!

Easter fun continued Sunday evening at Grandma and Grandpa Ripplinger's house.
Josh is lovin' the toys!

Seriously - this is the sweetest girl EVeR!!
"See, Daddy?!"

Aren't we cute?!?!

Totally good lookin' guys!!


  1. Cute Pictures, and Yay for the end of tax season. I have been thinking about how your family is getting to know one another again!!

  2. Heather - these are the CUTEST pictures! I especially love the one of Rachel finding the "egg!" She is such a little pixie! Wow - Emily and Josh both look so much bigger and older. How did that happen? And Caleb . . . he is so bright-eyed! What a cute family - glad I am a part and got to share that Saturday with you.
    Love ya,
    Grandma Larsen