Sunday, June 25, 2006

Loose Tooth, Part 2

Emily finally lost her tooth on May 26th. She got so tired of it wiggling around that she had her dad just pop it out! Of course, it started bleeding, so she ran to the bathroom and we tried cleaning up the mess. As she was standing there, watching everything in the mirror, her eyes suddenly rolled back in her head, she started wobbling around, and she fell on the floor!! Our cute little princess had passed out! She looked around and said her head was spinning. I looked at her and she was as white as a ghost - her lips were as white as her teeth! Suffice it to say, I think we'll not let her see any more blood!

It looks like the fun of lost teeth is just beginning for Emily. The one right next door to the lost tooth is wiggly too. Probably won't be long before the tooth fairy comes back!

**It's probably obvious, but the reason this posting is so delayed is because Emily was pretty sick for quite a long time. Thankfully, she's all better now and mostly back to normal.**

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